Becoming a sponsor


The SIG runs three main initiatives primarily aimed at trainees but which have become popular across the entire community.

1 .Monday night networking social

The Monday Night Social is the flagship SIG event which has now become a highlight of the OHBM meeting program. The event attracts over 1200 attendees. The SIG arranges a major venue close to the conference centre with entertainment, drinks and finger food available for trainees for the first two hours. This allows peer networking in a relaxed environment. The event is then opened to all attendees, giving trainees an opportunity to network with more senior researchers. The event is half-funded by OHBM and half by sponsorship, which we are seeking.  

2. Mentoring and Career Development symposium

The SIG successfully launched the Mentoring and Career Development Symposium at the annual meeting in Vancouver. We provided a forum for trainees to receive advice and mentorship from ‘rising stars’, established senior researchers and industry representatives. In Vancouver, we provided a comprehensive programme, recognising the demands of academic careers and the value of neuroimaging skills in careers beyond academia. Our panel of senior established researchers including Professors Kia Nobre, Russ Poldrack, Jessica Turner, Julien Doyon and Michael Breakspear. Panel members gave advice on securing a faculty position and what makes candidates stand out from their peers. The symposium at the 2018 meeting will feature another panel of established and distinguished investigators as well as break-out sessions for more in-depth mentoring. Sponsorship for this event is sought to provide a light lunch for attendees.

3. International mentoring programme

As part of our commitment to mentoring and career development, we launched an online, international mentoring programme. We have over 400 members participating, and we are in our second round of setting up these partnerships. While the programme was designed to match trainees with mentors we also had a large response from senior postdocs and mid-career researchers also seeking mentorship. We have kept the programme inclusive and open to OHBM members of all career stages, providing value for the OHBM community as a whole. Recent feedback showed 92% of participants had been in touch with their mentors and most had an opportunity to meet in person at the annual meeting. The responses were overwhelming positive. The program is run cost-free by SIG committee.

Our mentoring initiatives ensure ongoing support for the OHBM trainees throughout the year.

We have a thriving community and a strong social media presence, with over 6000 followers on Facebook and a reach over 24 000 on Twitter. We have access to the whole organisation via OHBM members email list and we regularly blog our activities on the OHBM main site. Our annual committee election provides an opportunity for students and postdocs to join an international organisation and gain demonstrable leadership experience.

Sponsorship opportunity

Gold level sponsorship – min support level £10k

  • Named acknowledgment in the event title
  • Opportunity to address trainees directly at events to introduce and further acknowledge sponsorship
  • Opportunity to work with the SIG in the design of events or initiatives
  • Named acknowledgement on all event advertising and materials
  • Integration of branding in promotion of events and on social media 
  • Promotion of job and training opportunities to SIG members throughout the year

Silver level sponsorship – min support level £5k

  •  Named acknowledgement on all event advertising and materials
  • Promotion of job and training opportunities to SIG members throughout the year

Bronze level sponsorship – min support level £2.5K

  • Named acknowledgement on some event advertising and materials
  • Promotion of job and training opportunities to SIG members throughout the year

The Student and Postdoc Special Interest Group (SIG) represents the needs of 53% of the Organisation for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) membership and 56% of annual meeting attendees. Our community of students and postdocs make up the single largest demographic in OHBM. Our SIG is fully endorsed and overseen by the OHBM Council.

SIG mission

  • Provide a community of shared interests for OHBM students and postdocs (trainees)
  • Disseminate information to trainees, including job opportunities, funding, scholarship, award and training opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for professional, personal and career development for OHBM trainees 
  • Represent the needs of trainees to the OHBM Council and the wider organisation
  • ·Promote the achievements of trainees within the organisation and to the wider neuroimaging community 

The SIG is run by a team of students and postdocs who are elected on an annual basis. The current chair is Dr Michele Veldsman.