#MeToo Workshops 2019


Dealing with Difficult Situations in the Workplace


Consent Fireside Chat

In this session, participants will learn about and discuss the most complex situations that occur in the workplace, and how to counteract them through evidence-based practices. The presenter will focus predominantly on microaggressions -- those words and actions that, while often seen as harmless on their own, can in total make for a toxic work environment. Participants will be given the tools to intervene -- both for themselves and as bystanders on behalf of others -- and will practice these skills through role play exercises.

Time: Monday June 11th. 12:00-1:00 PM

Learning Objectives: (At the end of this session, participants will…)

●          Understand microaggressions: what they are, and why they matter in the workplace

●          Be able to address microaggressions and other toxic behaviors in the work environment

●          Be able to counteract microaggressions through self or bystander intervention



In the wake of the #metoo movement, everyone’s discussing consent and worrying about what is and is not allowed. So let’s have a chat about consent, shall we? Join for hot chocolate and cookies to discuss questions such as: What is consent? How do I provide consent? How do I take it away? How can I create a work environment where everyone on my team feels safe? The chat will be peppered with interactive games and activities to practice consent skills.

Time: Tuesday June 11th. 5:30 - 7:00 PM

Learning Objectives: (At the end of this session, participants will…)

●          Be able to define consent

●          Be able to demonstrate both verbal and nonverbal consent skills


Optimizing Conflicts in Situations of Lower Power

This session will provide a practical, evidence-based model for evaluating conflict and identifying optimal communication styles to support conflict resolution. Based on Dr. Peter Coleman’s model of “Making Conflict Work”, this workshop will take participants through an assessment of their natural conflict styles and offer methods for improving communication in difficult situations. Discussion will be focused on conflicts where participants have less power, such as with PI’s, faculty members, or other more senior colleagues. Role plays will solidify the didactic portion of the workshop and give participants a chance to practice diverse communication skills.

Time: Wednesday June 12th. 12:00-1:00 PM

Learning Objectives: (At the end of this session, participants will…)

●          Be familiar with multiple methods of communication specific to conflict resolution

●          Be able to assess conflicts and identify the optimal communication style to support a positive outcome


Sexualized Situations and How to Handle Them: A Praticum

The #metoo movement has brought to the forefront the ubiquity of unwanted sexualized situations, many of which take place in workplace interactions. In this practicum, we will work through a set of generalized, de-identified examples of workplace-based sexual harassment, identifying possible solutions and practicing skills for setting boundaries, bringing up difficult topics, and intervening on behalf of others who are the targets of sexualized harassment.

Time: Wednesday June 12th. 5:30 - 7:00 PM

Learning Objectives: (At the end of this session, participants will…)

●          Have multiple actionable models of communication for reporting sexual harassment

●          Be able to intervene on their own behalf or on the behalf of others in cases of sexual harassment



Emma Office Hours

Event: 1-on-1 Discussion Office Hours with Emma Kaywin

Time: Tuesday & Wednesday 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Venue: Student and Postdoc SIG Space (Studio Room 3)

Description: Emma Kaywin is a conflict mediator and sexual health educator in New York City. She will be facilitating the series of workshops focusing on providing education and skills-based trainings in optimizing responses to conflict, sexual misconduct and consent violation. She will be available for a 1-on-1 discussion for any questions regarding this topic or the workshops. Open to everyone.